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Well, after many deaths on Hagara from my hunter... I have learned that there are three huge problems people in the raid finder just don't get about the fight.

First, don't run in there when your healers aren't ready. The trash before Hagara is kind of shitty.

Second, don't start DPSing until the tanks have aggro. Or you will eat mobs for breakfast. And lunch. And possibly even dinner.

Third, don't pull Hagara until your healers have mana. Why? The DPS will die. Without DPS, you are screwed.

So while I'm healing I actually notice little things I never notice on my hunter, due to tunnel visioning. In fact, I bet MOST DPS tunnel vision, because of the sheer amount of people that stand right where the ice wall is.

Turns out...you can see it shuffling toward the edge of the ring from the center. Good to know for future reference, I suppose.

That said, I had a happy little moment where I spent most of the Raid Finder (Siege) top or #2 in heals. In fact, I was #2 overall, and #1 on Hagara and all trash.

Proof, because this will never happen again.

(Of course, I didn't win a damned thing.)


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