draenei: a gift, do not take without permission (Clairey)
2012-01-08 12:16 pm

What is this "patience" you speak of?

Character: Celice, cat druid

Oh yeah. Patience.

My patience with WoW is astoundingly short these days. Last night I ran into an arms warrior with a shield/1h weapon, and I whispered him to inform him that arms warriors use a 2h weapon and if he didn't already know, that he gets increased damage or whatever for using it.

And then. I let. It drop. The guy didn't whisper me back, I accepted that as him not giving a bloody damn about how to play. Not everyone wants to be told how to play. I know when I was still a scrub, I didn't like being told what to do. (I WILL PUT ALL MY TALENTS IN ALL THE TREES AND I DO NOT CAAAAAAAARE!--though I did play alone/only quested solo at the time.) And I've learned that politely mentioning shit like, "Oh hey, did you know...?" goes a lot further than "You're doing it wrong, stupid."

So we had this heirloom-geared hunter (don't get me started on entitled heirloom-geared hunters) who started complaining about the arms warrior, as if we NEEDED his extra DPS to carry on or something--admittedly, his DPS was bad, but we weren't wiping or anything. And while he was at it, why didn't he complain about the healer who was STILL WEARING THE CANDLEWAX-STREAKED ROBES--WHITE QUALITY FROM A GOLDSHIRE QUEST, AT LEVEL 40-SOMETHING, IN DIRE MAUL? Well.

Of course I was also extremely put off by the hunter's comment about how the warrior was "probably messican". <--what the shit, racist prick. I tried to kick but it didn't work.

Later, after a lot more badmouthing on the hunter's part, the others got tired of him and kicked him with the reason, "k".

Then we wiped on the final boss a billion times due to the healer sucking. Yeah. Flash Heal =/= the best heal, no wonder he was out of mana on trash pulls. Between that and his white-quality robe, I mean, really. :|

I just have no patience to a.) deal with Stupid, or b.) do more than lead people through the dungeons they haven't memorized yet.

I used to be the cheerful, super-helpful dungeoneer, but lately I just want to get it over with. I'm only there for the XP, I don't care anymore if people pull for the tank, if the healer enables the DPS pulling for the tank, et cetera and so on. I just give up on caring. It might annoy me, but it's not worth doing anything about. If the tank dies, I try to pick up the slack, but otherwise, I just don't bother.